Lviv region Skole district, village Slavske, I.Franka str., 77
+38 (067) 314-11-10
Terms of residence

We welcome you to the hotel complex “Carpathian Comfort”.

You are for us – a welcome guest, and we will try our best to make your stay in our complex was enjoyable.


These rules governing the accommodation of guests in the recreation complex “Carpathian Comfort”, more complex, and is binding. Hotel guests in the complex carried out by guest presentation document confirming his identity and 100% payment for accommodation guest or group of guests per stay. Services Paying Guest agrees to these rules and undertakes to fulfill them.

Check-in time – 13:00, time of departure – 11:00.

All questions related to accommodation and guests staying at the complex should be addressed to the administrator of the complex. Telephone reception given at the front reception complex.

Accommodation in complex guests have the following common areas: lobby, cafe, sauna, conference hall (on request). Cafe operates under the schedule, posted on the door of the cafe and the stand of the complex. Food that is included (breakfast and dinner) is exclusively in hours cafe s, shown on the stand.

Guests are not allowed to enter the kitchen. If you have questions should contact the administrator or bartender.

In the complex indoor smoking are strictly prohibited. For this there are designated areas within the complex. On campus and in the rooms is strictly prohibited use of own electric heaters (electric kettles, elektrokyp’yatylnyky, heaters). It is possible to service the menus on the street and in the room, additional charge of 10% of the account. Pass a cafe dishes out only with the permission of the bartender. Keep perishable foods at room Complex prohibited.

In the absence of the guests in the rooms and cottages of windows and balcony doors should be closed. Lighting off. Bedding and other property complex located in the rooms (blankets, pillows, blankets, towels, etc.) Do not make them from the room. Guests are responsible for maintaining the property, given the Set guests for personal use. In the event of damage or loss of property complex fault Guest value of assets subject to compensation guest speaker by internal price list complex.

Administration Complex is not responsible for personal belongings Guests left in common areas.

Guests must respect the personal space of other guests and employees of the complex. After 23:00 adhere to generally accepted standards, in particular after the twenty-third to eight hours and prohibits loud singing and cry, the use of reproducing equipment and other sources of domestic noise of fireworks, fireworks, fireworks use. Exceptions may lease the complete complex. In case of violations guest or group of guests by the decision of the administration, the offender shall be subject to expulsion from the complex. Payment is made with the guest residence in the complex, is not refundable.

Due to the fact that the complex is located in mountainous terrain, possible supply disruptions with electricity and Internet access independent of the complex reasons (weather conditions, accidents bearing networks, etc.). Staff complex does everything in his power to data interruptions are minimized. Administration of the complex is not liable for damage to electrical appliances and electronic equipments which occurred as a result of voltage fluctuations in the grid and / or a power interruption occurred independent of the complex causes.

Administration Complex does not provide transport services not organized tours in one form or another. Administration Complex carriers can recommend contacts and help in organizing the transfer and leisure activities, but does not bear any responsibility for actions carriers or tour organizers.