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Leisure on territory
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Service includes 

  • Parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Use of pavilions
  • Use playground
  • Rooms service
  • Bed linen and towels - on request

Sports and Recreation 

  • Patio
  • Barbecue and firewood
  • tennis courts
  • mini-soccer field
  • Hiking
  • Tours
  • Horseback riding
  • Rental sleds and snow equipment


  • Table games
  • Sports equipment
  • Ping pong
  • Badminton
  • Frisbee
  • Jump rope
  • Elastic
  • Xbox-kinect

Pool and summer terrace 

In warmer months, the best rest in the fresh air. We provide guests with the opportunity.
Pool – nice part of a good holiday. Traveling in the Carpathians and swimming pool will benefit almost anyone. Water treatments relieve stress and normalize sleep and make the body slim and beautiful.
Vacationers can not only enough to swim and sunbathe and lying on the lounge chairs by the water and enjoying the splendor of the Carpathians. Especially for your comfort and pleasure we have arranged a summer terrace garden furniture and umbrellas. Prior to his table you can order food and drinks from our menu.


Children – is the greatest joy in our lives. Our playground will provide a comfortable environment for a fun and active leisure your kids! Lazanky, slides, bridges, swing, trampoline … all this and many other entertainment will contribute wonderful pastime outdoors. Children will be delighted by this holiday!


For fans of fantasy and imagination exercise, spend time fun and show their basketball skills – on the site is an open platform with flap for basketball. Street basketball “streetball” has no restrictions on age and number of players, making it an excellent component of outdoor activities.


Patio – a kind of lounge, fireplace outdoors, meeting place for conversations or “winter garden” sky. This idea patio appeared relatively recently and came to us from the Mediterranean, now in Ukraine is gaining popularity. They say there are three things that you can watch endlessly. On the water, fire and burning someone that works …
Needless to say, a good spring, summer, autumn and even winter evenings by the fire, watching as flames enveloping wood, sparks in the air. Conduct intellectual games, share experiences with a cup of hot tea or mulled wine, or simply a break from work and problems, nothing to think about. Complete relaxation …


Grilled to many people become an inherent part of recreation. From now on, our complex you can order:
meat, fish, grilled sausages and vegetables barbecue. We marinate, and you will only meet with friends or family and enjoy cooking on the grill.
In a secluded spot in the woods, away from the noise and other guests of the complex, at your disposal two large pavilions with barbecue. Here, the fresh air, relax regardless of the weather.
Rental barbecues, wood and skewers – a gift.
Fry the meat brought with them, making possible the cafe minimum order is 100 UAH per person.
* Rent barbecue – 100 UAH / 2 hours. (Skewers and firewood provided)


Table tennis – a sport, entertainment, excitement and leisure time. If you spend much time at the computer all day looking at the monitor located at one distance, then the game of ping pong for you will also benefit charging. During the game the eye continuously focus is on the ball in the distance, on the contrary. Fill your leisure time interesting game, in which you can relax and have fun.

Tennis Court 

For athletes and amateurs in the complex have the opportunity to play tennis. Physical activity will be a great addition to the rest, lift your mood and appetite! Tennis court in the big city is not uncommon, but not so on tennis courts in the area, particularly in the Carpathians. On our tennis courts used natural cover – tenisyt. Feel the joy of tennis among firs and fresh air in the “Carpathian comfort!”
Welcome to cooperate tennis school.

Mini soccer field 

We all go to nature to be driven away, relax and have fun of course! What fun without games? Mini soccer field offers to our guests excellent opportunities for organization of sports matches during his vacation in the Carpathians. Our guest, soccer can turn to entertainment for your entire family or friends, where the process of the game will be a real holiday.
Team play volleyball on specially equipped field among the Carpathian peaks, will be one of the best options for dynamic vacation for our guests. Competitive spirit, a sense of technology and desire to win will make entertainment a portion vital for all of us physical and emotional discharge. Mountain air and green lawn – the ideal conditions for training and friendly competition.
Welcome to cooperate sporting clubs.

Games on the street 

Badminton – this is an easy game and fun entertainment. Play badminton at any age, and especially physical training is not required. This game can be learned in 10 and 20, and 40, and 60. Badminton excellent option to spend your free time outdoors cheerfully and energetically.

If you want something new, offer fashionable entertainment – Frisbee! The game of frisbee – a great way to exercise outdoors to spend free time. During the game you will train your skill, develop reaction and endurance. Flying Saucer bring variety to your holiday, cheer and allow to warm up (after eating kebabs). You can play together or a large company.

“Playing elastic”
Let’s remember our favorite childhood game elastic. Fun and addictive game perfectly develops movement coordination, flexibility and sense of balance. We know that jumping very useful for vestibular system and help to strengthen the muscles.

“Jumping rope”
If you want to get a vacation without extra kilograms, and even improve their body shape, it will help in this – jump rope. Jumping for 5 min. without rest breaks, forced burn your shoulders and calves. As a result, these muscles get awesome workout. Jumping rope is a great alternative to traditional cardio load.