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Lake Synevir 

Lake Synevir belongs to the seven wonders of Ukraine. They say it was formed about 10 thousand years ago. Then nimble river water kept mountain, blocking their way to the place where the lake was formed later.
The miracle of nature called Synevyr hiding in the mountains at an altitude of almost a thousand meters above sea level. 22 meters depth reaching the lake. Deeper northern and shallow southern divides underwater ridge. Interestingly, Synevyr never goes out of its shores – either by violent floods nor the melting mountain snows.

Waterfall Shypit 

Waterfall Shypit – one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine – the most beautiful waterfall in Transcarpathia, located on the northern slopes of the mountain Borzhavski valleys at the foot Hymba in the village Pylypets intermountain area.
Waterfall bewitches all its unusual natural beauty. From underground sources on the mountain Big Top (1598m) starts its way down the picturesque gorge Ploshanka small stream. Its waters are fresh and cool. Falling numerous picturesque cascades with 14-meter-high crystal clear water is broken stones forming a myriad of diamond droplets, shimmering with wonderful colors in the Carpathian rays of the sun.
Look at the natural beauty come thousands of tourists. Waterfall beautiful any time of year. In the summer, in the most arid times, a waterfall is a small creek that runs through a cascade of several rock ledges. In winter it is partially frozen, forming interesting shapes. And most attracted it in the spring when the snow melts and during heavy autumn rains.

Dovbush Rocks 

Dovbush Rocks – is unique in its shape and position of the accumulation of huge rocks, stones, reminiscent of amazing creatures, divided by deep, always dark ravines, pits, secret passages and paths. About Bubnyshche once wrote Ivan Franco in his book “Bubnyshche.” Hrushevsky defined Dovbush Rocks as a defense-rocky cave complex. Amazing rock composition Bubnyskyh rocks composed of gray sandstone. Despite the presence on the rocks large number of cracks and dents, most of them smoothed and stay on them is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Unlike many other rock massifs of the Carpathians, largely surrounded by weathering products of own – sharp stone fragments of different sizes, Bubnyski rock in his own peculiar – Towers outcrops and rocks, like, grow on soft sandy soil.

Carpathian tram 

Mountain trail with stops “Carpathian tram” is usually eight hours – from 10:00 to 18:00. With access through Shyrkovets, Old and New Mizun, Oak angle Myndunok. At the stop Myndunok tell of old logging features, arrange a review of old industrial premises, lisnychivky. At the final decomposed picnic. Returning, stopped in Solotvynsky forestry, where the first place the salt mines early 11th century built a symbolic chapel. In the New Mizun, if desired, as enough power, you can climb the mountain Bald Mountain (1134 meters).

Hoshivskyy monastery 

Hoshivskyy Monastery – Greek Catholic monastery of the Order of St. Basil village Hoshiv Dolyna district, Ivano-Frankivsk. It is considered one of the greatest religious and historical and architectural relics of Western Ukraine. It is annually visited by millions of pilgrims from different European countries.
Hoshivskyy Monastery – a major pilgrimage center, is a community of Marian pilgrimage centers – such as Lourdes or Fatima, united around the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. So each year, here is a lot of pilgrimages, including from abroad. “Even the Orthodox come here, especially with the Kiev Patriarchate” – Father delights. Many people have to take the monks, changed the internal rhythm of monastic life. There is always someone willing to listen. Most do senior monks who have no power to send the liturgy. Younger fathers, holy water, behind which there is always a queue, go to the patients. The monastery learned not to lock himself in himself, and adapts to people and their needs.


Kamenka – this is the title of the same name presented waterfall river that broke its way through the rocks. Kamenka is not a continuous stream and rock is divided into two streams, the larger of which account for about three-quarters water. The height of the waterfall is about 7 m.
Waterfall “Kamenka” in recent years has become quite a popular holiday destination for many tourists. Attracts tourists here in the first place untouched beauty of the Carpathians, because waterfall located in the National Park “Skole Beskids”. Two kilometers up and you can admire the beauty of the heater and enjoy it granted freshness.


Tustan – old military complex, customs and walled city ruins are in the Carpathian Mountains, near village Urych. Uritsky rocks – are erosional remnants up to 50 m. The massive sandstone Paleocene (55 million absolute age), archeology and natural monument of national importance, which is unique in Europe.
During four centuries, from the second half of the ninth to the middle of the thirteenth century, on the rocks there Tustan mighty wooden castle built by nobility of White Croats. Tustan was an important strategic point and was a part of the Carpathian (Hungarian) defense line south-western borders of Kievan Rus and later Galicia-Volyn principality.